-We are excited to announce our partnership with American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac)! Aflac is the leader in supplemental and accident insurance to help you with your daily living expenses in case of injury on the job or due to an accident. For this reason, we are proud to offer the following to assist our contractor customers protect themselves on job sites and others who may become injured in a car accident.

Accident Insurance

You’ll receive cash benefits for these and other expenses that may not be fully covered by your major medical insurance:

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  • Broken teeth 
  • Concussions 
  • Intensive care unit confinement
  • Ambulance, ground and air 
  • Emergency room visits 
  • Lacerations

Starting at only $39 / month! Get protection today and choose your own due dates.

Juvenile Life Insurance

Juvenile Whole Life Insurance:  Offers a death benefit plus the policy builds cash value that may be collected, borrowed, or may be available to pay the policy’s premiums. The policy may remain in force for a lifetime, as long as the premiums are paid. The whole life insurance coverage amount doubles on the policy anniversary following the child’s 18th birthday with no increase of premium.

Juvenile Term Life Insurance:  Provides a death benefit until the policy anniversary year after the child’s 25th birthday, at which time the child has the right to convert term life insurance policy to an individual permanent life policy at no more than double the face amount of the current policy.